Local Activities 1- Meeting in Romania 11/11/2020

The meeting was attended by members of the HERITAGE project team, members of the Emil Racovita Youth Association and a representative of the associated partner ( CEDRA TOUR). Eight people participated to this meeting and its purpose was:

 the identification and collection of good practices in the field of ecological and sustainable

tourism and social entrepreneurship.

 to define possible areas of action.

 The collection of good practices at local level in the field of sustainable tourism and social


 possible development ideas and objectives – local heritage resources to be exploited and

activities to be promoted and or implemented (research, results of collected questionnaires

and meetings with stakeholders)


The aspects considered in the understanding of the dimensions of sustainable tourism are presented below:

  • Using natural resources
  • Protection, consolidation, and preservation of the natural capital
  • Protection and preservation of the anthropological capital
  • Satisfying material needs
  • Satisfying economic needs