Travelogue Associazione di promozione sociale

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Travelogue APS is a non-profit association created in Umbria in 2010. The Association took its first steps by carrying out projects to make Umbria and its beauties known to a local, national and international audience, pursuing the objectives of safeguarding and promoting the territory of Central Italy and the culture that characterizes it.

We intend to stimulate cultural demand and enhance both professional and productive, intellectual and artistic local excellences. We encourage initiatives that support the sense of belonging of this region to the European dimension and that stimulate openness to all peoples and cultures of the world, encouraging mutual knowledge, contacts, promoting the exchange of knowledge between entities and people, through European and international projects.

The main objectives of our Association are:

  • Promoting the territory of Umbria and local development through the enhancement of its cultural, environmental and naturalistic heritage, also involving the human and professional resources that live there;
  • Fostering social inclusion and intercultural exchange, intergenerational dialogue, active citizenship and lifelong learning, through non-formal activities cooperating with other Italian and European organizations;
  • Encouraging local excellence, the “culture of work” and self-employment, job opportunities in innovative sectors, promoting the meeting with companies active at local and European level;
  • Promoting the autonomy of people in search of work, the ability to self-guidance and self-promotion in their personal and professional growth;
  • Improving youth and adult skills in their professional and social life, in order to promote key competences and active aging.

Travelogue cooperates with public and private institutions, NGOs, schools, local authorities, companies and European partners to facilitate inclusion, promote knowledge and encourage active participation and European citizenship.

Numerous European projects have been carried out in the sector of social inclusion, development of key competences, environmental protection, ecology, youth entrepreneurship, volunteering, art, tourism, school inclusion.

EPRALIMA-Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.

EPRALIMA_Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L., is a Private and Cooperative School, situated in the north of Portugal, in the District of Viana do Castelo and in the Minho Lima Region, more specifically Arcos de Valdevez, Ponte da Barca and Ponte de Lima. Epralima focuses on vocational education, while offering Youth Education
and Training Courses, Adult Education and Training Courses, and Specialized Technology Level V Courses. Epralima prepares young people and adults for the exercise of qualified professions, by developing mechanisms that create closer ties between schools and economic institutions.

Epralima objectives:

  • Contribute towards youth and adult training by providing the appropriate skills required for qualified professionals;
  • Develop mechanisms which facilitate and promote the transaction between school and the labor market, preparing them for an adequate socio-economic insertion;
  • Provide students with solid socio-cultural, scientific and technological training;
  • Prepare youths and adults towards the exercise of a qualified profession;
  • Promote in conjunction with other local agents and institutions, the accomplishment of a training project for qualified human resources that responds to the developmental needs integrated in the country, particularly at the regional and local levels;
  • Recognize the skills of adults with an education level below secondary level, contributing, in this way, to increasing the skills of the local community.

EPRALIMA has also an extensive experience in transnational and communitarian projects.


InterMediaKT is a NGO based in Patras, Greece, working since 2012 as a broker for vocational education, training and innovation at the European level. Through technology tools, collaborations and exchange of good practices, we try to achieve our main aim of Knowledge Transfer.

Our Objectives:

  • supporting youth entrepreneurship & youth workers.
  • effective promotion of knowledge, vocational and adult education through e-learning activities.
  • promoting science and advanced technologies as a tool for becoming better citizens and more competitive professionals.
  • support of local development through releasing the potential of alternative tourism and economic growth.
  • strengthening social cohesion by promoting equality of genres, nationalities and groups.
  • encourage professional participation whilst offering employment training programs for vulnerable groups.

Friends of Europe Tisno

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Friends of Europe Tisno is an association established in 2018. The association gathers local enthusiasts willing to spread European values at the local level, and to promote their own heritage across the continent. Following the positive examples of our sister associations from other member countries of Charter of European Rural Communities, founding the association was the reasonable next step of the Municipality of Tisno’s participation in this network of communities, member of which it became after Croatia’s accession to the European Union in 2013.

The association aims at promoting social solidarity, organizing activities and applying for projects that elevate the quality of life of the local community, improving international and establishing relations with other similar associations and organizations.

One of the association’s main tasks involves allowing local citizens to establish contacts and friendships with citizens of other rural municipalities across Europe through participation and organization of meetings that involve countries belonging both to Charter of European rural communities, and other

European organizations and individual towns and municipalities With its establishment, Friends of Europe Tisno, in collaboration with the Municipality of Tisno, accepted the responsibility of coordinating municipality’s international visits (primarily those within Charter of European rural communities), and organizing meetings and other activities related to the European Union.

Asociatia pentru Tineret Emil Racovita 2000 Vaslui

Emil Racoviţă 2000” Youth Association was founded in April 2001,at the initiative of a group of young people willing to promote the values of the European democratic institutions and to encourage the volunteering activities in a society where this segment was only at its beginning.

Our association works with important institutions in Vaslui county,such as the County Direction of Youth and Sports, Culture Inspectorate, local Police, Town Hall etc. Most of its members are students of “E. Racoviţă” Theoretical High School, teachers, engineers, their youth and enthusiasm being a major factor in the actions that have been accomplished. Consequently, its members usually get involved in partnerships with schools of the county and with the local public authorities in a series of projects, adding their experience acquired during the previous volunteer projects. Although the majority of projects have an environmental value, the opening of its active members towards all types of projects has made this NGO extremely dynamic and the challenges of each project have brought a bonus to the experience of its young participants.

 Since 2001 until now, the association developed various projects both national and European funded, through different programs. It organizes and participate to international, national and local conferences, symposiums, workshops in partnership with different social partners, in order to contribute (through non formal and informal activities) to the Vaslui County young people education, supporting them and their families to understand and to become more responsible and active citizens. The association also cooperate with high schools, private and public bodies(such us Town Hall, Direction for Social Assistance and Child Protection ,County Agency for Employment) in order to contribute to the youngsters social and professional integration.


Association AKTYVISTAI was founded in 2013. Based in Kaunas, Lithuania. At that time the main aim of AKTYVISTAI was to gather a company which would not only realise itself and its ideas but would also spend their free time together doing something meaningful & healthier for themselves, their families, community, country. But in the last years association is mainly promoting youth development, the mobility of young people and fostering active participation, to spread the ideas of sustainable development, to promote non-formal education as a tool for intercultural learning and self-development. The association is open not only for the youth but everyone who likes an active lifestyle, is positive, looks for friends or wants to teach or learn something new.

The main activities of Aktyvistai are implementing different ideas by volunteering or through the different funds and projects. Examples could be actions of projects, such as hosting events and trainings, moreover, we are organizing international meetings, vacations, leisure and sports activities full of good mood and atmosphere. Topics vary a lot, from environment and climate change to human rights, entrepreneurship, sport or healthy life.

Organisation contacts network combines more than few thousand different kind of active people in all Lithuania and Europe. Aktyvistai participates in international NGO network of experiential learning (IELN) and business intercontinental global network BNI. In addition, belongs to ANNA LINDH foundation network.


Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven (Youth International Initiative Association) is an NGO from Málaga (Spain) created in 2003 from a group of youths who after participating in international programmes and activities, concluded that these experiences had been very important changing their lives. Therefore, they decided to share them with other young people, collectives and associations, to enhance the interest in participating in international programs and exchanges, learning languages, realizing voluntary work, raising awareness, tolerance and respect for other cultures, etc. thereby contributing to personal and professional development of young people and adults.

The main objectives of the organization are:
• To encourage the development of plans, programs and project that impact the benefit of youth and adults;
• To improve the training of officials, technicians, youth and other people involved with the society, at local and international level;
• To enhance inclusion and development of citizens at different levels: training, employment, social and cultural activities, health, sports, languages and intercultural learning;
• To contribute to the development cooperation of the poorest countries and the poorest sectors of the population.

To achieve it, Iniciativa Internacional Joven (AIIJ) carries out studies, researches and activities, cooperates with other public and private institutions to create youth projects and programs and it designs training courses, activities and workshops on areas of interest at local and international level.

Main areas and socio-educational tools used by the organization:
• Art and Creativity;
• Participation and Volunteering;
• Sports and Healthy Life;
• Gender Equity;
• Personal development and entrepreneurship;
• Culture of Peace and Interculturality.

The methodology is based on non-formal education, Paulo Freire’s pedagogy for liberation and emotional intelligence.