Local Activities 1- Online Meeting in Romania 17/12/2020

The meeting was attended by members of the HERITAGE project team and a representative of the stakeholders (trade unions, employers, public institutions). 
Ten people participated to this meeting and its purpose was:
the identification and collection of good practices in the field of ecological and sustainable tourism and social entrepreneurship.

Currently, sustainable Romanian destinations are increasingly affected by the new strategic challenges posed by innovative technologies and often related to tourist consumer behavior and environmental pressures. In order to address these challenges, destinations first have to analyze the global trends and then respond proactively, strongly emphasizing that innovation is extremely important, even indispensable to evolution. The participants agree that solving the problem, adapting the social, economic and ecologic systems to this fact of globalization: sustainable development would be enough.
We should draw attention to the fact that the transformation/the change/the improvement in tourism need another strategy than the continuous improvement because the success from the past can sometimes be a great obstacle.