The short-term joint staff training event, Malaga, Spain, 18-23 July 2021

The main aim of the training course was:
To foster exchange and dialogue between young people and youth workers from 7
different EU countries on the issues of safeguarding and promoting natural and
cultural heritage and social inclusion, developing entrepreneurial competence in
the field of ecological and sustainable tourism and transversal competences for personal
and professional development and active participation in society.


• To raise awareness of the importance of European cultural heritage through
informal and non formal education activities, as a tool for social inclusion, youth
participation and social entrepreneurship
• To promote young people environmental education, especially ecotourism
education for an active citizenship
• To strengthen the sense of belonging and participation, promoting activities that
protect and enhance the common heritage, involving young people and local
• To improve key competences of youth workers to enhance the quality of their
• To foster inclusion and employability of young people with fewer opportunities
(including NEETs) through quality youth work and transnational learning activities
• To ease transition of young people from youth to adulthood, supporting their
integration into the labour market developing key competences and promoting
creative learning, entrepreneurship, and social entrepreneurship
• To create a European space of reflection for sustainable tourism as an educational
tool, fostering personal and professional growth for youngsters.

• Welcoming and presentation of participants (name and ice-breaking games)
• Presentation of HERITAGE FOR YOUth project and Training Event in Málaga
• Connection with Greg from IntermediaKT
• Presentation of project organisations
• Presentation and exchange of good practices

• Visit to INNOVA Centre (a multidisciplinary space for young people and entrepreneurs) in
Benalmádena: explanation and guided visit of the outside area and inside part of the building.
Meeting with two entrepreneurs hosted in the entrepreneurship centre.
• Visit to Parque de la Paloma
• Visit to Benalmádena Pueblo (a typical Andalusian village) and explanation of the Spanish tourist
boom and development of Costa del Sol. Reflection on how sustainable this type of tourism is.
• Free visit to Benalmádena Costa.
• Visit to Social Innovation Centre LA NORIA in Málaga: explanation and guided visit of the building.
Meeting with different local organisations that develop their activities in La Noria:
o Asociación Almijara: biodiversity and protection of the environment;
o Ecoherencia: environmental education, custody of the territory, research and investigation
and permaculture. This association is in charge of managing the co-working space at La
o Enreda: a cooperative specialized in technology for social transformation and active
participation in society;
o Acción contra el Hambre: support, training, guidance and mentorship to people that are
starting or want to start their own enterprise.
o Aula del Mar: aquaponics: a food production system that couples aquaculture with
• Visit to Málaga City Centre: explanation of Spanish and Málaga history, main monuments and
important women in Málaga.