Local Activities 1- Online Meeting in Greece 5/4/21

Online Meeting with the Cultural Director – Founder of Primarolia Festival and Board Member of Green Travelers, Mr. Sotiris Bolis.

About PRIMAROLIA NGO origin and activities:

Inspired by the local and Greek history of the Corinthian (black) currant and the first cargo ships that departed from the Greek ports, the famous Primarolia, our journey began exploring the modern ports of culture.

Primarolia combines culture, history, contemporary art, creative arts, different industries, architecture, cultural and development strategies into a dynamic constellation.

Starting from the ports of the Corinthian currant we aim at creating a modern cultural network that highlights its worldwide intangible cultural heritage.

Furthermore, by exploring and studying the cultural and historical backgrounds of areas, products and cultures, we design and implement cultural strategies that highlight their unique characteristics.