Local Activities 1- Online Meeting in Croatia 22/1/2021

The meeting was attended by the HERITAGE project coordinator, vice mayor of the local municipality, president of Friends of Europe Association, representatives from associated partners (Argonauta, FLAG, LAG 249), heads of local Tourists Boards and one student.

Nine people participated in this meeting and its purpose was:

– the identification and collection of good practices in the field of ecological and sustainable

tourism and social entrepreneurship;

– to define possible areas of action;

– The collection of good practices at the local level in the field of sustainable tourism and social


– possible development ideas and objectives – local heritage resources to be exploited and

activities to be promoted and or implemented.

At the end of the meeting we all have agreed that:
– we need more protected areas
– we need to ensure sustainability of our cultural and natural resources
– we need new legislative to decide about our future
– we need to fight against excessive profit companies