Local Activities 1- Meeting in Spain 20/1/21

On Monday, January 20, Iniciativa Internacional Joven had a meeting at their headquarters with two
representatives of the Malaga City Council, Ruth Sarabia, who is the city councilor delegated for
Citizen Participation, Migration, External Action, Development Cooperation, Transparency and
Good Governance, and councilor for District 9, Campanillas, and Pedro Cabrera, who is a public
advisor of the same councillorship.

During the meeting, Ana Belén Domínguez, General Director of Iniciativa Internacional Joven, and
Ilaria Papotti, Coordinator of the Training and Education Area, reflected on the situation of young
people in Malaga, how they can contribute to the recovery from Covid-19 pandemic and the
importance of their active participation in society. The City councillor underlined that during the
first lockdown many young people offered themselves as volunteer to different associations and
that sense of initiative was remarkable, especially because many organizations of the third sector
have been hit hard as all municipal venues have been closed, they have difficulties to adapt their
activities to an online environment, etc. The situation in Malaga is very difficult because many
young people work in the touristic sector or their jobs and incomes have been affected when the
flow of tourist stopped. During the meeting we reflected on the importance of volunteerism and
active participation of young people in society and the fact that it is essential to provide them with
adequate trainings that fit their interests, needs and motivation. During the meeting, the main
features of “Heritage for YOUth” project have been presented and it has been highlighted that for
the correct recovery is essential the role of young people in society and tourism should be linked
to the Sustainable Development Goals